IAF Guest Speakers- Icinori ( France )

It was love at first sight when we saw the prints and artwork by Icinori 3 years ago at ELCAF 2015 , London. We are glad to announce that Mayumi and Rapael will be at our festival to present a talk about their practice and a book making workshop. There will be beautiful Icinori prints and books on sale too! Thanks to our friends at ELCAF for helping us to invite them to be part of our Illustration Arts Fest 2017 this year.

Icinori* ( France )  http://icinori.com/

Icinori, aka Mayumi Otero & Raphael Urwiller are a French duo whose collaborative efforts have seen them illustrate, design, print and publish works across a range of mediums. They have been commissioned by Le Monde, New York Times, Wired, Canal + and Wired among others. Their passion for design, image and form culminates in their publishing projects which has seen them produce over 30 books.

IAF2017 Poster by Ella Zheng

Ella is one of our fave young Singaporean illustrators with a strong design grounding! She happens to be the designer behind a series of plates that focuses on the theme of Singapore Architecture and many colourful Singapore heritage patterned souvenirs by your favourite gallery shop, Supermama too. Visit her stall at the Artist Market!

About Ella:
Ella Zheng is a Singaporean designer and illustrator who enjoys experimentation, craft, and the endless pursuit of self-improvement. Trained in both Fashion and Graphic Design, she hopes to be able to nurture Singaporean’s mindset towards Design.

See more of her work here: www.ellaisweird.com

IAF Guest Speakers- Chiaos 角斯角斯 ( Taiwan )

For our festival – we are always on the lookout and to showcase interesting illustrators from around Asia too, amazing Asian illustrators who are brave enough to carve their own path to do what they do without following trends of what is currently popular and hip.
Chiaos’ talk will be sharing his journey about how he is growing his own niche – his unique practice of illustration based on spirits and monsters build on Taiwanses folklore. Talk will be presented in Mandarin Chinese and interpreted.

Chiaos 角斯角斯 ( Taiwan )https://www.facebook.com/creatchaos/

Although majoring in film in college, Chiaos Tseng works as an illustrator and graphic designer now.  Watercolor and acrylic are his primary illustration media. He used to illustrate for magazines and newspapers but now he focuses on his own illustration design. In 2011, he launched his own brand “Chiaos Creative”. A studio combines design and illustration to produce products with interesting narratives. His works include Taiwan Monster, Taiwan Monster – Tales of the Giants, The Mythology of Birth in Taiwan, and The Taiwan Monster Brawl board game.

IAF Guest Speakers- Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert ( France )

Look out for the talk and pop-up book workshop by our friends Louis and Anouck from France. Thanks to our friends at ELCAF for helping us to invite them to be part of our Illustration Arts Fest 2017 this year.

Anouck website: http://anouckboisrobert.fr
Louis website: http://louisrigaud.fr

Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert were born in 1985 and met at the École des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg. During a workshop on pop-up techniques, they create the mock-up of their first book “Popville” which will be published one year later by helium (France). They keep working together and imagine new books, in pop-up, in cut-out paper or digital… The playful aspect and the manipulation are always in the center of their creations. Anouck is now the main illustrator, whereas Louis is the developer, the animator or the paper engineer of the tandem. The idea, of course, arises from both heads.

They often conduct workshops around their work.

When they do not work together, Anouck is an illustrator for various projects and Louis invents video games, websites, or animated films.

Welcome to Illustration Arts Fest 2017

Poster by Wanxiang http://leewx.com/

Welcome everyone to Illustration Arts Fest 2017

This year’s festival will be a more “compact version” and with a more curated Artists Market!

More info will be coming for the next few days including the programme line up and purchasing of tickets.

In case you didn’t know the Artist Market is most important part of this whole event and it is open to ALL and it is FREE ENTRY!! There will be some free talks and activities too.
The main Talks and Workshops by visiting and invited artists will be paid events – this festival is self-funded – we do not get funding for any government agencies. Do buy tickets to support our festival so that we can make this event sustainable and even better next time!

To get the ball rolling – this is the very first IAF2017 poster we are sharing from our community of illustrators – like last year – there will be more to come!!

If you like the posters- let us know – we will get a collectively order and make special prints of it


Wanxiang – Artist Bio

My works are best understood as a progression – visual pauses where I allow my drawings to express the inner being. It tends to be about how I perceive life – the struggle and yearning to be the honest self. I don’t like to stick to a particular style and am quite unable to draw in the same way all the time. Instead, I just draw what I can and let my works develop cohesively through repeated usage and combination of personal symbolism and simple, relatable imagery.