create your style

Style is unique to each individual. It reflects your personality and can be used to express yourself creatively. However, finding your style can take time and effort. There are so many different trends and choices out there it can take a lot of work to know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on finding your style. So keep reading if you want to learn more!

Rule 1

You must choose clothes that match your inner world, or the style should reflect your inner self. For example, if you prefer the image of a businesswoman, you will not be very comfortable with trendy things that teenagers wear. Therefore, go with your feelings instead of the advice of sellers in the store.

Rule 2

When choosing an image, consider your job, age, and other things. Then pick two or three things to wear to start a new wardrobe. Choosing things that go well with other clothes you have is also a good idea. Stylists say it is good to wear light colors with neutral shades and then add bright accessories to complete the look and add some color.

choose the right clothes

Rule 3

Before you go to the store, look at yourself in the mirror. You need to figure out what type of body shape you have. All women have something they want to hide or show off. You can do this with clothes. Look up what clothes experts say are suitable for your body type and what you should avoid wearing.

Determine color type

To create your style, you need to determine your color type of appearance. It must be done in a bright room in daylight, so there are no shadows. Remove all makeup and have different colors of fabric or clothes ready. If you have an unnatural hair color, put a scarf in a neutral color around your head. Show your neck and shoulders so you can see your natural colors in the mirror. Find out the natural tone of your lips, skin, eyes, and hair.

Then look at other things that might affect your appearance:

  • Do you prefer warm or cool colors?
  • Is your skin tone blue, yellowish, peach, or olive?
  • What tone is your hair? Are there freckles or age spots?

“Winter” colors are cold, fresh, and bright. For example, if you want to wear red, then choose raspberry shades. If you want to wear blue, choose snow blue or indigo. Or you could wear an emerald or malachite dress or suit.

If it is “Summer,” you should select light colors that are cool to the touch. These could be pastel shades of blue, gray, pink, brown, or burgundy. You should avoid mixing in any bright colors like yellow.

Warm transparent color is good for people with a “Spring” color. It includes colors like peach, turquoise, light green, honey, coral, coffee, and creamy shades. Black color is not recommended.

People who are “Autumn” type need to wear bright, thick colors like scarlet, red-brown, orange, bluish-green, plum, or coffee. These are the colors of nature during harvest and leaf fall.

You can still have a lot of colors in your wardrobe, even if you only wear warm or cool colors. You need to choose the right clothes for your type of appearance.