Illustration by Kapie Eipak

This year Illustration Arts Fest 2017 event would not be possible without our friends and supporting partners.

Many thanks to LASALLE College of the Arts and the LASALLE team for being our event partner.Their beautiful campus is just perfect for this festival!

Many thanks to Pat Law & Goodstuph for many years of support, project opportunities and making the special IAF issue of Kult Magazine possible.

Many thanks to Kult Magazine team for helping us create a special KULT issue just for Illustration Arts Fest 2017.

Many thanks to Felix / Germaine from Anonymous / Design Film Festival – for advice, tips, lobangs and encouragement! Don’t miss this year’s DFF!

Many thanks to Craig Neo from A&C Studio for helping us with all the tech stuff, in setting up our backend and ticketing system!

Thanks to all our invited guests, poster artists and all the participating artists at the ARTIST MARKET – thanks for believing in and supporting the Illustration Arts Fest and making it memorable!

Last but not least – Thanks to the the team at ELCAF/Nobrow for the support – Though the ELCAF / NoBrow team will not here this year, they have been most kind to help us invite two amazingly talented artist duos for our festival – ICINORI and another French duo – Louis Rigaud & Anouck Boisrobert. ICINORI also being the artist in residence for ELCAF2017.
We hope to get the ELCAF team back again for the next IAF!

Thanks and apologies to all who wrote in and contacted us to show interest/ support in our festival but we have no capacity to include in this festival- we will work harder and try again for the next festival! Hang in there!




Partners who have given valuable support with our 1st event – Illustration Arts Fest 2016:-

ELCAF / NoBrow

Singapore Writers Festival



The Design Society


Hjgher / Upress

Design Film Festival