10 things we miss about the Illustration Arts’ Festival

Now that we have less than 100 days to go before 2018’s Illustration Arts’ Festival (IAF), get into the mood for some festival by diving into last year’s highlights!

These are the 10 things we still miss experiencing from last year’s IAF.

1) Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Rice

Photo by Peiwen.T on Burppler

When you’re involved in a convention, you have a convention diet. Usually, that includes chips, cookies, baked / dried goods, or fast food that you can get around the market / festival area. Since LASALLE is in the middle of many food places, our visitors and booth owners had the potential to be spoilt for choice.

That being said, someone started recommending salted egg yolk chicken rice from the 2nd level of the nearby Sim Lim Square. Soon enough, we started seeing the familiar plastic takeaway boxes on the laps of various stall owners.

So thanks, whoever made the first recommendation of this chicken rice.

2) The lovely LASALLE Green

Where else can you find an artists’ market in a location that’s surrounded by affordable, delicious food, accessible, and still great to look at?

Again, many thanks to LASALLE for their location and all their help with the logistics of this festival.

3) Variety of the Art Market

Rad and mad artwork by Kristal Melson

Cute and endearing drawings from Geraldine Toh

Out of the world sticker artwork by Erikartoon.

As with many markets, the variety is always what keeps people lingering – not only with the products sold, but with the personalities behind the booths. 

A collector? Meet the illustrators with their artbooks, prints, and canvasses. How about a comic fan? Say hello to all the indie comic artists, and zine makers. Looking for a good story instead? Lots of stalls there waiting for you to have a look. More of a knick-knack person? Don’t forget the many merch stalls we see in every con.

Which brings us to our next point…

4) Con Culture and Environment

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran booth manager, there’s always something to learn or to be intrigued by at every convention.

New faces at the market means new contacts, new content, and people to share experiences with. The same faces meant looking out for each other again, sharing food, time, and reminiscing about previous conventions.

5) Creative Energy from the Panels

Local and regional heavyweight illustrators giving talks and presentations are one of our IAF staples! Tell Your Children, ICINORI, Sonny Liew and more take to the stage and set fire to it as they share with us about their journey about being artists and illustrators.

6) ELCAF’s Support

The East London Comic Arts Festival has helped us bring in talented artists like Jean Jullien, Mattias Adolfsson, and Isabel Greenberg to conduct talks and workshops. They also ran a mean booth, with illustrated goodies from afar!

7) Guests from Taiwan

Sublime depictions of Asian myths and legends by Chiaos 角斯角斯

Not to be outdone by their European counterparts, Taiwan had a strong presence with Chiaos 《角斯角斯who draws lovely illustrations of Asian monsters and spirits, as well as the Taiwanese art collective Taiwan Illustration World 《插畫界

8) Amazing Ice Cream

(above) Salted Butterscotch and Earl Grey by Merely Ice Cream

(below) Speculoos Cookie Butter by Creamier

Thai Milk Tea and Cookies and Cream homemade ice cream definitely played a part in helping visitors and booth owners get through the warm afternoons. Not least when they’re made by names and people we trust – Merely Ice Cream during the first IAF, and Creamier during the second.

Certainly looking forward to having them around again this year!

9) Dan’s Dulcet Voice

An advantage of a more compact event space would be how the visitors can stay up to date with all the happenings of the day, not least when the person on the other side of the microphone was none other than A Good Citizen’s Dan Wong.

Announcements for coming panels? He’s got your back. Market stall recommendations? He had them every couple of hours. Inappropriate joke? Umm…

10) Fishball’s Empty Table After the 1st Half of Day One

Speaking as Fishball’s neighbour over the course of both days, seeing all 45 copies of her book (the amount she brought for the festival) fly off the table by 1PM on Day One has to be the greatest sight I’ve had the pleasure of encountering through my days behind the booth.

Despite knowing she was hugely popular in Singapore, it still takes my top spot among other convention experiences.

(Note: Fans who didn’t have the chance to say hi? Fret not! She’ll be coming back this year!)

Have anything else you miss about IAF? Fret not! Leave them in the comments or stay tuned to more updates on IAF 2018 here or on our Facebook Page.

Illustration Arts Festival returns for 2018

It’s official! The Illustration Arts Festival, which celebrates the illustrative works and artists in Asia, is returning this year at the Lasalle Macnally Campus from the 22nd to 23rd of September.

Jointly organised by the Organisation of Illustrators Council (OIC), and Lasalle College of the Arts, the IAF believes in showcasing originally created content and narratives by talented independent illustrators who work in diverse styles and art forms.

This year, our talks and workshops by established artists from around the world have returned. Our popular art market, as well as OIC’s flagship portraits event will also come back, bigger and better than before. Stay tuned as we announce our star-studded line up in the weeks to come!

The Illustration Arts Festival is a platform for illustrators to share with our audiences the excitement and passion we have for illustration! Want to get involved?

Drop us a mail at oicsingapore@gmail.com if you are an institution, organisation, agency or just an interested individual that wants to find out how we can work together.

Thanks Yanrong ( https://www.instagram.com/wu.yanrong/) for creating the new look for this year’s festival!


Festival Photo highlights

A huge shout out to everyone involved in this years Illustration Arts Festival at Laselle College of Arts, from our lovely guests, speakers, market vendors and visitors ! Here are some of the highlights from last week ! See more of the photos from both days on the Illustration Arts Fest Facebook page too ! We hope to see you next year ! Stay tuned for more news updates, features and everything Illustration in Singapore.


More photos here:
Day 01
Day 02

IAF2017 Poster by Pok Pok & Away aka Lee Xin Li

This special poster feature one of our favourite and the very iconic 79 Circular Road shophouse which was designed by Ho Kwong Yew and used to house a coffeeshop with a super popular Bak Kut Teh stall. Mr Ho Kwong Yew was one of the leaders of the Modern Movement in Singapore’s architecture.

“Good Morning World

Life has its ups and downs, but in life’s journey, there are little moments such as these, discovering the architecture of a shophouse in the morning, a little break from work or the company of a friend. These moments kept us going.

This morning, we celebrate another new day.”

About Pok Pok & Away aka Lee Xin Li
Lee Xin Li is an independent illustrator based in Singapore. He graduated with an architecture degree from the National University of Singapore. Xin Li often draws his inspiration from the environment he grew up in such as the culture, food, architecture and history he has encountered. Some of the notable works include the Kueh series and Peta Singapura.

Xin Li is a big fan of Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin as well as Guy Delisle’s travel chronicles which motivated him into drawing in 2013. Besides illustration, he is an avid fan of the air force, loves travelling, tasting new flavors and appreciating art and architecture.

See more of his work: http://leexinli.com/

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#SingaporeIllustrators #HoKwongYew#architecture

The Mermaid Who Became A Champion – Book Signing by Anngee

Get your copy of The Mermaid Who Became a Champion signed by the illustrator, Anngee Neo at IAF 2017!

About Anngee: www.anngee.sg 

Anngee’s works include illustrations for The Crane and the Crab, written by former President SR Nathan, and The Rock and the Bird, which won the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award in 2015.

About “The Mermaid Who Became a Champion” 

In 2008, a 16-year-old swimmer made history by winning Singapore’s first Paralympic gold. Her name: Yip Pin Xiu.

How did she do it? Pin Xiu has Charcot Marie Tooth, a disorder that leads to a progressive weakening of the muscles. By four years old, she needed an ankle-foot brace to assist her with walking. By 13 years old, she could no longer walk and started using a wheelchair.

Today, she has three Paralympic gold medals and a silver to her name.

In this beautifully-illustrated book, Pin Xiu shares the story of her remarkable journey, from being bullied in school to becoming a champion at the Paralympic Games, and of how she overcame obstacles and met life’s challenges. It is a story of resilience and determination.

Time : TBC ( see programme page for latest update )

Venue : Book Signing corner at LASALLE College of the Arts ( McNally Campus )


From Kid to King – Book Signing by Darel Seow

Get your copy of From Kid to King signed by the illustrator, Darel Seow at IAF 2017!

About Darel: http://darelseow.com/

Darel is a visual storyteller who illustrates the tales of the natural world through his unique brand of wry wit and whimsy. He believes in the draw of storytelling as a means of engagement, creating experiences that simultaneously excite and educate. Particularly interested in museums and culture, he has worked with the British Museum (UK), Asian Civilisations Museum (Singapore) and other cultural institutions to encourage learning through the power of imagination and play.

About “From Kid to King” 

The Joseph Schooling Story is a look at
a young boy striving to beat the odds in order to achieve
his dream, despite of all the hardships and challenges he
faces along the way. This book is inspired by Olympian swimmer and gold medallist Joseph Schooling who won the 100-metre butterfly competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Schooling was not only the first Singaporean, but also the first South-east Asian male athlete to win an
Olympic gold medal in swimming.

Time : TBC ( see programme page for latest update )

Venue : Book Signing corner at LASALLE College of the Arts ( McNally Campus )






Book Signing at IAF2017- “The Ollie Comics” by Drewscape

Get ready for the launch of the eagerly anticipated “The Ollie Comics” by Drewscape!

About Drewscape: http://www.drewscape.net/
Drewscape is one of the co-founders of OICsingapore in 2006 and a professional illustrator since 2004.
He is the illustrator for the popular series Sherlock Sam and his short story “Moving Forward” in his first graphic novel Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise was nominated for an Eisner award in 2013

About “The Ollie Comics” 

What happens when a brand new human enters your life? Find out by joining a comic artist dad and his wife in their initial 2+ years as parents. Adventures range from handling a baby’s diaper bombs to navigating a toddler’s growing independence.

Rather than a how-to book, this comic journal gives parents-to-be a peek into the future, lets experienced parents relive the discoveries, and helps those without kids understand their exhausted friends a little better.

Time : 2 to 3pm , Saturday 12th August 2017 ( see programme page for latest update )

Venue : Book Signing corner at LASALLE College of the Arts ( McNally Campus )

IAF2017 Exclusive – Talk by various comic artists “Singapore Comics Beyond Charlie Chan”


Something that many of us artists are concerned about and need discussion! Sonny Liew was 1 of our guest speaker for IAF2016, he has won three Eisner Awards recently. But Singapore comics is more than just The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye. Let’s find out more from our artist friends active in the comic scene!

Moderated by Lim Cheng Tju, this panel engages up and coming comic artists, Dan Wong, Benjamin Chee, Derek Chua, Tanky, Shen Zo and Pixin to talk about their new works.

Happening next Saturday 12 Aug 2017 at LASALLE College of the Arts ( McNally Campus ), F201 (second floor) from 12pm to 1 pm.
FREE entry, FREE seating!! Come early and Chope fast!


About the panel:

Lim Cheng Tju – http://singaporecomix.blogspot.sg/
Comic critic and historian Lim Cheng Tju is one of the key member helping out in the programming for Illustration Arts Fest. He is currently the country editor (Singapore) of the International Journal of Comic Art. He co-founded the 24-hour Comics Day in Singapore, and co-edited Liquid City (Vol 2), an Image anthology of comics created by Southeast Asian artists. He writes comics sometimes too.

Dan Wong / A Good Citizen – http://www.agoodcitizenobeys.com/
Illustrator Dan Wong started the A Good Citizen Movement in late 2012. Since then, it has grown to comprise a community of like-minded creatives seeking to promote the values of Good Citizenship through a unique brand of art and humour. He was “decidedly not afraid to enter the controversial realms” of politics, religion, or gender issues. Many of the issues explored by the collective are global in nature, while speaking through local satire.

Benjamin Chee – http://charsiewspace.com/
likes drawing comics: it is often painful, but it helps organise his thoughts, and express them coherently. Following his adoration for food, he has self-published several books set in the Charsiew Space food-centric universe. He also has short comics collected in the anthologies Liquid City Vol. 3, LONTAR Issue #5, and Asian Monsters. Find him online at charsiewspace.com

Derek Chua – https://engcheedraws.carbonmade.com/
Derek Chua graduated from art school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Animation. Although he was formally trained in Animation, Comics remain his greatest passion and preferred medium in storytelling. Since young, he has always aspired to become a recognized comics artist.

Tanky – http://tanky.sg/
Kwang Yang (aka “Tanky”) is an illustrator and comic artist based in Singapore. An avid digital artist he is also the creator fronting Big Egg Comics.

Shen Zo – https://tapas.io/episode/499834 
Shen Zo is a freelance comic artist, designer and co-founder of publishing platform STORYZER.COM.

Weng Pixin – https://pixmadeobjects.com/
Pixin is an art-maker and registered art therapist born and raised in Singapore. Upon graduating with a first class honours in Painting, Fine Arts from the LASALLE College of the Arts in 2004, Pixin spend the next decade immersed in her personal craft practices, ran Doinky Doodles!, a studio which curated artworks handmade by local crafters and art-makers, as well as create short-form comics that were published in international comics and illustration magazines. She works in a wide range of medium: from painting, drawing, making comics to sewing and constructing using recycled and/or found objects. She is the organiser for all the Zine workshops with OICsingapore for 2017.

IAF2017 Poster by Duga ( Taiwan )

A meticulous artist and a serious “pencil pusher”, we were mind blown when we had a chance to see the fine pencil drawn characters in Duga’s sketch book afew years ago when we met in Taipei. Do check out his fine drawings at the Artists Market together with the team from Taiwan.

About DugaHook

Duga was born in Taiwan in 1987 and graduated from Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Digital Media Design.
His work is based on fantasy and the magical. Duga feels that he expresses ideas better by painting imagery instead of words to convey stories and moods. His creative partner/ sidekick is a cat named Tiger ( 虎克 in Chinese and that also sounds like HOOK. Hence the name “DUGA and HOOK” ). HOOK has since become more than just a studio buddy but has since become a part of the whimsical magical world of Duga ( & Hook ).

See more of his work here: https://www.facebook.com/DugaHook/

1987年生於台灣 畢業於雲林科技大學 數位媒體設計系
喜歡奇幻與魔幻的題材。 我不善言語表達, 所以選擇用畫畫來代替文字, 創作是一種對話的方式, 描繪著我想傳達的故事與心情。 創作夥伴是一隻名為虎克的貓 。 初期的創作內容多以奇幻為主題, 自從虎克的加入, 貓也就走進我創造的世界裡。

Festival Update 01- 3rd August

Dear patrons – We hope to share and see more students participating and attending this festival – hope this discount will be of help! 15% Discount “ZEE7CP”
To qualify for tertiary / student discount, please book tickets with a recognised tertiary email account, valid Student ID and show proof of student identity at the entrance.

Do note that 2 talks will start 30minutes later –
 Talk 02 ( Saturday 12th, Talk 02- Chiaos / Tseng Din Yuan ) and Talk 04 ( Sunday 13th, Talk 04- Icinori )  will start at 3.30pm and end at 4.30pm. This is to ensure that there is a short break in-between talks to allow for ticket holders to check in smoothly.

There will be more events update on the programme page over the next few days until the festival! More exciting things to come!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.