Dogs, Cats and A Touch of Shamelessness: An Interview with Stephanie Raphaela Ho (Muffinsaurs)

During a panel at this year’s Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention, Stephanie Raphaela Ho (better known as Muffinsaurs) got to finally meet and chat with one of her artistic idols, TokiDoki’s main man, Simone Legno–and she did so in spectacular fashion. When asked who she would want to work with next, Stephanie proudly proclaimed how shameless she was, and made it clear that TokiDoki was at the top of her list.

Legno had a good laugh about it, but don’t be too surprised if a Muffinsaurs x TokiDoki collaboration becomes a reality.

Since the 2014 release of her comic, The Adventures of Fatman and Superchub – a collection of strips about a pair of plus-sized superheroes who don’t “give a cow poop about how they’re perceived” – Stephanie has been expanding her little empire built on a foundation of cute cats and corgi butts.

“Commercial work takes up a lot of time and is the bread and butter of any full time illustrator’s career,” she says. “Currently, I’m in the process of taking another big leap to cut down on commercial work so that I could spend more time in building my own brand.”

We sat down recently to talk about her art, her pets, and the future of Fatman and Superchub.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an illustrator who draws cute and quirky stuff. I’m more known for my animal murals! Inspired by my dog and two cats, I also designs merchandise such as buttons, mugs and even repositionable fabric wall stickers for your home.

When did you discover your love for drawing / illustration?

At a very young age actually. Since I learned how to hold a pencil! I was scribbling all over the house – an activity which was not appreciated by my parents.

A lot of your illustrations focus on cats and dogs. How much of it comes from personal experiences? How many stories are of Truffles, Patches and Barney?

I love animals and had been drawing dogs and cats way before I had my own. After I got my dog, Barney, and two cats, I was inspired by their daily antics to draw my experiences with them! It’s kind of like blogging, but instead of writing, I draw a comic strip. Not all of my stories are of my pets, but you can follow their silly life on Instagram at @Barney.Truffles.Patches

Will we see more of Fatman and Superchub?

I do hope so! I’m supposed to be working on the new reprint! That shows how bad I am with time management currently.

How was the panel with Simone Legno?

It was awesome! I finally got to talk to him after following his work for 10 years! Also, it took me 10 years to get his name right! Because he is Italian, his name is actually pronounced as ‘See-mon-aye’, not ‘See-mon’. Talk about a fox-pass – or is it faux-pas?  

What will you be bringing to IAF this year? And what merch can we expect in years to come?

I’ll be bringing stickers! Cute, weird-as-hell stickers, as well as wall stickers. I will also bring iPhone cases, posters and my colouring book. I hope to expand my wall stickers in the future, so that I could offer printed wall murals for my fans internationally!



You can find out more at and follow Stephanie on Instagram at @muffinsaurs.