IAF2017 Poster by Ning Goh/ Ruffgaws

Ruffgaws was first featured in our zine event in 2016. We like the strange surreal characters and settings in her work.

About Ruffgaws:
Ruffgaws is an occasional illustrator of the odd and curious. Largely affected by her father’s death, she enjoys exploring morbid themes of death, disturbances and the defaced. She couples each illustration with a short poem or narrative. Look out for recurring elements in her drawings such as naked bodies wearing face masks and reflections in mirrors – these are her take on a society that 爱面子 (‘loves face’, also mean prideful). To her, illustrating is a personal process and every piece is part of something that has affected her enough to be made tangible. Her latest series delve into the topic unwanted babies and how animals are sometimes more human than we are.

See more here https://ruffgaws.wordpress.com/