IAF2017 Poster by Duga ( Taiwan )

A meticulous artist and a serious “pencil pusher”, we were mind blown when we had a chance to see the fine pencil drawn characters in Duga’s sketch book afew years ago when we met in Taipei. Do check out his fine drawings at the Artists Market together with the team from Taiwan.

About DugaHook

Duga was born in Taiwan in 1987 and graduated from Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Digital Media Design.
His work is based on fantasy and the magical. Duga feels that he expresses ideas better by painting imagery instead of words to convey stories and moods. His creative partner/ sidekick is a cat named Tiger ( 虎克 in Chinese and that also sounds like HOOK. Hence the name “DUGA and HOOK” ). HOOK has since become more than just a studio buddy but has since become a part of the whimsical magical world of Duga ( & Hook ).

See more of his work here: https://www.facebook.com/DugaHook/

1987年生於台灣 畢業於雲林科技大學 數位媒體設計系
喜歡奇幻與魔幻的題材。 我不善言語表達, 所以選擇用畫畫來代替文字, 創作是一種對話的方式, 描繪著我想傳達的故事與心情。 創作夥伴是一隻名為虎克的貓 。 初期的創作內容多以奇幻為主題, 自從虎克的加入, 貓也就走進我創造的世界裡。