IAF2017 Poster by Joon Saw/ Sawdako

We first met Joon Saw when she was a volunteer helping at the OIC table at ELCAF2016 London. She has since graduated from Central Saint Martins and is on to a career in illustration and design.

About Joon
Joon Saw is a Singaporean creative currently based in London. Inspired by street art, sci-fi and graphic novels, she enjoys exploring characters involving elements of space and phantasmagorical territories, whilst maintaining a certain sense of relatability.

See more of her work here: https://sawdako.me

IAF2017 Poster by Dillion Tan

We first noticed Dillion’s work through another illustrator Yikchun because of a cool collab they did! Then we found out about this interesting label he started called CHEPOOKA  https://www.instagram.com/thischepooka/


About Dillion:
Born and raised in Singapore, Dillon grew up an avid collector and reader of comics, cartoons, and science fiction movies. As an illustrator, his work reflects  surrealists and sci-fi themes. 
Wanting to share his passion of illustration, Dillon founded This Chepooka, an art merchandise store in 2016. “Cheepoka” is a pseudo slang word for “nonsense” from the book, A Clockwork Orange. This Chepooka strives to be an outlet for artists to realize their visions, unhindered by commercial pressures and restrictions.

IAF2017 Poster by Erikatoon

We love Erika’s super intensive art! You can feel her passion for her work and be amazed by the crazy detailing she puts into every single one of them! Be sure to see her in person- stash of Erikatoon goodies available for collectors at the IAF Artists Market!

About Erikatoon:
Inspired by Asian sub-cultures, films, cartoons, Erika seeks to bring her audience into a surreal dream world where dreams and reality collide. Most of the time she allows the process of her works to evolve intuitively, not knowing what the end result will be.

See more of her work here: https://www.instagram.com/erikartoon

IAF2017 Poster by Ella Zheng

Ella is one of our fave young Singaporean illustrators with a strong design grounding! She happens to be the designer behind a series of plates that focuses on the theme of Singapore Architecture and many colourful Singapore heritage patterned souvenirs by your favourite gallery shop, Supermama too. Visit her stall at the Artist Market!

About Ella:
Ella Zheng is a Singaporean designer and illustrator who enjoys experimentation, craft, and the endless pursuit of self-improvement. Trained in both Fashion and Graphic Design, she hopes to be able to nurture Singaporean’s mindset towards Design.

See more of her work here: www.ellaisweird.com