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Li Chi Tak 利志達( HongKong )

Li  began his career in 1982. Tong Men Shao Nian, his 1987 album now turned a collector-item, made Li a promising comic icon. By then he had developed and persisted passionately his own style.

Since the 1990s’, Li’s works have been widely acclaimed in Japan. Posh! The Gang, Miss Chan, My Nation and other works appeared in numerous Japanese magazines and he has been invited to the Comic in Asia exhibition tour in Japan.

Black Mask, Assassins, Tien Yao Ji, Superbaby, Little Strawberry, K, were among his career milestones and noted works of the independent comic scene. And also, his Spirit was translated to French.

In January 2016, he held a personal comic book exhibition at the Angouleme International Comic Festival, and published the French comic The Beast. In the same year, comic Little Circle  published in Malaysia.

2017 self-published short comic book Vicious and Malaysian version will launch in November.

2018, self-published short comic book Solar Eclipse.

In 2019, the latest comic collaboration with The Louvre Museum will be published in France and Hong Kong. This is part of the Louvre’s La Bande Dessinée (BD) project, which means “the Louvre meets comics”






2016年1月於法國安古T蘭國際漫畫節舉行個人漫畫展覽,同時出版法語漫畫作品『The Beast』。



2018年再出版漫畫集《Solar Eclipse 日食》。



Elfandiary ( Indonesia )( https://www.behance.net/elfandiary )

Elfandiary is an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from Bandung Indonesia. A graduate of Visual Communication and Design from University of Itenas, he has had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting. Elfandiary often uses women in his artwork as models of expression combined with interest in themes like the universe and the stars. He has exhibited his works in Soemardja Gallery, Topeng Nusantara Expression and most recently Singgah in Harajuku Japan. Elfandiary has a strong presence on social media platforms with over 100k followers on Instagram alone.

Rukmunal Hakim ( Indonesia ) ( https://www.instagram.com/r_hakim )

Hailing from Bandung Indonesia, Hakim started his career in illustration after spending 5 years in an unrelated field straight out of high school. Getting his first job in 2010 as a storyboard artist where he would begin his journey to become an illustrator. Hakim describes himself as an artist “born” through social media networks and calls his style “low brow nouveau” or “pop surrealism”. His illustrations typically features exquisite fine details and has recently moved towards silkscreen printing. Hakim has exhibited in Jakarta, Bali, Singapore, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Manchester and most recently his work was seen in “Singgah” in Harajuku Japan.


Fishball ( Malaysia ) ( https://www.facebook.com/fishballishere/ )

Fishball is a freelance artist based in Malaysia.  She lives with her (literally) huge boyfriend, and really likes her banana leaf rice drowned in a pool of dahl.  Her webcomic ‘My Giant Nerd Boyfriend’ is featured on both English and Chinese version  of Webtoons, and has millions of subscribers worldwide. She has also attended New York Comic Con (2017) and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) for panels and signing sessions. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend also received the ‘Best Comic Award 2018’ from Pekomik, a local comic association.


COSH Studios ( Singapore )( https://www.coshstudios.com/ )

Comics of Singapore Histories (COSH Studios) is a new series of graphic albums that brings to light little-known stories of Singapore’s past, real or otherwise. The storytellers whisper in the gutters between the factual and the fantastical to imagine futures, pluralities and alternatives.


Andre Wee (Singapore ) http://andre-wee.com/

Jumping between creating worlds on paper and sculpting them with digital pixels, André is always on the look out for newer and better ways to share his stories and ideas with the world. André Wee’s involvement on projects has been a rotation of numerous roles from editorial illustrator, lead concept/digital artist, animator, educator and world builder. He originally gained recognition for his experimental series of artworks titled, ‘Forming and Fragmenting’ in 2012 and is now known for his illustrations, virtual reality art and unique renders of isometric cities and stories that were recently featured by companies such as Apple and The New York Time.


Lee Xinli (Singapore ) http://leexinli.com/

Lee Xin Li is an independent illustrator based in Singapore. He graduated with an architecture degree from the National University of Singapore. Xin Li often draws his inspiration from the environment he grew up in such as the culture, food, architecture and history he has encountered. Some of the notable works include the Kueh series and Peta Singapura.Xin Li is a big fan of Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin as well as Guy Delisle’s travel chronicles which motivated him into drawing in 2013. Besides illustration, he is an avid fan of the air force, loves travelling, tasting new flavors and appreciating art and architecture.


Anne-Laure Herrezuelo ( France / Singapore ) https://annelaureherrezuelo.com/ ( photo by  Itai Boublil )

Anne-Laure HERREZUELO is an artist, facilitator and community engagement expert. AL was the first Program and Community Manager at Found (previously Impact Hub Singapore) – Singapore’s largest co-working community and Google for Entrepreneurs’ first tech hub partner in Asia. She was elected as one of the Top 10 Community Builders for the Tech Ecosystem in Asia last year.

She now helps companies and event organisers energise their people behind the big vision and encourages original/innovative thinking through Art.


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