10 things we miss about the Illustration Arts’ Festival

Now that we have less than 100 days to go before 2018’s Illustration Arts’ Festival (IAF), get into the mood for some festival by diving into last year’s highlights!

These are the 10 things we still miss experiencing from last year’s IAF.

1) Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Rice

Photo by Peiwen.T on Burppler

When you’re involved in a convention, you have a convention diet. Usually, that includes chips, cookies, baked / dried goods, or fast food that you can get around the market / festival area. Since LASALLE is in the middle of many food places, our visitors and booth owners had the potential to be spoilt for choice.

That being said, someone started recommending salted egg yolk chicken rice from the 2nd level of the nearby Sim Lim Square. Soon enough, we started seeing the familiar plastic takeaway boxes on the laps of various stall owners.

So thanks, whoever made the first recommendation of this chicken rice.

2) The lovely LASALLE Green

Where else can you find an artists’ market in a location that’s surrounded by affordable, delicious food, accessible, and still great to look at?

Again, many thanks to LASALLE for their location and all their help with the logistics of this festival.

3) Variety of the Art Market

Rad and mad artwork by Kristal Melson

Cute and endearing drawings from Geraldine Toh

Out of the world sticker artwork by Erikartoon.

As with many markets, the variety is always what keeps people lingering – not only with the products sold, but with the personalities behind the booths. 

A collector? Meet the illustrators with their artbooks, prints, and canvasses. How about a comic fan? Say hello to all the indie comic artists, and zine makers. Looking for a good story instead? Lots of stalls there waiting for you to have a look. More of a knick-knack person? Don’t forget the many merch stalls we see in every con.

Which brings us to our next point…

4) Con Culture and Environment

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran booth manager, there’s always something to learn or to be intrigued by at every convention.

New faces at the market means new contacts, new content, and people to share experiences with. The same faces meant looking out for each other again, sharing food, time, and reminiscing about previous conventions.

5) Creative Energy from the Panels

Local and regional heavyweight illustrators giving talks and presentations are one of our IAF staples! Tell Your Children, ICINORI, Sonny Liew and more take to the stage and set fire to it as they share with us about their journey about being artists and illustrators.

6) ELCAF’s Support

The East London Comic Arts Festival has helped us bring in talented artists like Jean Jullien, Mattias Adolfsson, and Isabel Greenberg to conduct talks and workshops. They also ran a mean booth, with illustrated goodies from afar!

7) Guests from Taiwan

Sublime depictions of Asian myths and legends by Chiaos 角斯角斯

Not to be outdone by their European counterparts, Taiwan had a strong presence with Chiaos 《角斯角斯who draws lovely illustrations of Asian monsters and spirits, as well as the Taiwanese art collective Taiwan Illustration World 《插畫界

8) Amazing Ice Cream

(above) Salted Butterscotch and Earl Grey by Merely Ice Cream

(below) Speculoos Cookie Butter by Creamier

Thai Milk Tea and Cookies and Cream homemade ice cream definitely played a part in helping visitors and booth owners get through the warm afternoons. Not least when they’re made by names and people we trust – Merely Ice Cream during the first IAF, and Creamier during the second.

Certainly looking forward to having them around again this year!

9) Dan’s Dulcet Voice

An advantage of a more compact event space would be how the visitors can stay up to date with all the happenings of the day, not least when the person on the other side of the microphone was none other than A Good Citizen’s Dan Wong.

Announcements for coming panels? He’s got your back. Market stall recommendations? He had them every couple of hours. Inappropriate joke? Umm…

10) Fishball’s Empty Table After the 1st Half of Day One

Speaking as Fishball’s neighbour over the course of both days, seeing all 45 copies of her book (the amount she brought for the festival) fly off the table by 1PM on Day One has to be the greatest sight I’ve had the pleasure of encountering through my days behind the booth.

Despite knowing she was hugely popular in Singapore, it still takes my top spot among other convention experiences.

(Note: Fans who didn’t have the chance to say hi? Fret not! She’ll be coming back this year!)

Have anything else you miss about IAF? Fret not! Leave them in the comments or stay tuned to more updates on IAF 2018 here or on our Facebook Page.