IAF2017 Exclusive – Talk by TYC ( Tell Your Children )

We are inspired and amazed by the progress made in a few short years by this team of four energetic young friends from the TYC! Happy to announce that TYC will be giving a special talk at the festival – cheekily titled “Roasted Chicken Platter with Extra Barbecue Pork and Roasted Duck on the Side”!
This talk is FREE! FREE ADMISSION! Free seating and first come first served.
No drinks and meats will be served during or after this session!!


“Roasted Chicken Platter with Extra Barbecue Pork and Roasted Duck on the Side”

Venue: F201, Lasalle / McNally Campus

Time: 12  to 1pm , Sunday 13th August 2017 ( info updated 08/08/2017 )

Despite having only been in the industry for a short span of 3 years, Tell Your Children has gone on to provide visual solutions for high profile clients both local and overseas alike.

This is a casual dialogue on their journey thus far and the perils that awaits one when attempting to step out of their comfort zone, while balancing a constant need for reinvention of ones philosophies, maturity and artistic abilities in the process.


About TYC

TYC Studios, or more commonly known as Tell Your Children, is an illustration collective started in 2014 consisting currently of 4 creatives.

Highly sought after for their eclectic style of illustration, TYC has worked with a variety of international brands such as Vans, Levis and Uniqlo.

Seeking an expansion of creative work across the globe, the group takes constant trips out of Singapore and has worked on various mural projects in New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

See more of their work here: http://www.tycstudios.com/


IAF2017 Poster by Amien

Another great illustrator and Lasalle alumni we encountered! Thanks to Ning Chen for introducing!

About Amien
I find my work gravitate towards a dream-like aesthetic with influences from science, culture and surrealism, like a sub-conscious dialogue of a world in parallel where the rules no longer apply.
Drawing and painting has helped me discover an enthusiasm to life and it is my personal belief that people are inherently happier when they create, as part of this initiative I have launched a series of developmental workshops which serves as an inclusive space for beginners and enthusiast alike to share a common love for the Arts.

See more work by him at: www.amien.co  (Instagram: @amiencreatives )

IAF2017 Poster by Ning Chen

All we can say is that Ning Chen is amazing with 2 of the best jobs in the world – making delicious ice cream by day and illustrator of colourful crazy yummy things at night!

About Ning:
Ning is a full time chef , part- time illustrator, with an obsession with cats & Kewpie mayonnaise. As a chef she works with food everyday, so her illustrations are largely based on food and the ingredients she works with. Drawing to Ning is a perfect way to relief stress, I guess its because she usually draws happy things!

See more of Ning’s work here: sesameseedcat.tumblr.com


IAF2017 Poster by Yikchun

Yikchun started out freelancing in design and illustration before starting his National Service afew years ago. We have seen how he has grown in his drawing style and taste. What caught our eye was Yikchun’s his eye for interesting shapes and form. Looking forward to more from this guy!

About Yikchun:
Yikchun, or Chun, is a junior art director by day, illustrator by night. His biggest inspirations are Yohji Yamamoto and Kurt Vonnegut. He shaved his head because of This Is England but now looks more like a monk’s apprentice. Chun often considers selling his soul to play the blues like Robert Johnson. He would like to do a comic book some day.

See more his work here: http://lamyikchun.com/

IAF2017 Poster by Joon Saw/ Sawdako

We first met Joon Saw when she was a volunteer helping at the OIC table at ELCAF2016 London. She has since graduated from Central Saint Martins and is on to a career in illustration and design.

About Joon
Joon Saw is a Singaporean creative currently based in London. Inspired by street art, sci-fi and graphic novels, she enjoys exploring characters involving elements of space and phantasmagorical territories, whilst maintaining a certain sense of relatability.

See more of her work here: https://sawdako.me

IAF2017 Poster by Jolene Tew / Raksasa Print Studio

We were introduced to the wonderful silkscreened art,  silkscreened books and prints of Raksasa during their show at our favourite Riso print and art studio – Knuckles and Notch! Happy that they are making a trip from KL to Singapore to support Illustration Arts Fest 2017!

Raksasa Print Studio is a collective of artists who specialise in the art of silkscreen printing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We aim to share our knowledge and love for the art form to anyone willing to learn, as well as provide affordable and accessible printmaking facilities and services to the local community. Raksasa promotes the illustrative and design aspects of silkscreen through exhibitions and teaching. We also work collaboratively with artists from many parts of the world, working in tandem with them to create innovative artworks.


About Raksasa’s poster artist Jolene Tew:

Jolene is an illustrator and printmaker based in Kuala Lumpur, she is also one of Raksasa’s main contributors. An MA Illustration graduate from the Camberwell College of Arts in London, her works are influenced by her personal observations and strange encounters of everyday life.

See more of their work here : www.raksasaprint.com

IAF2017 Poster by Dillion Tan

We first noticed Dillion’s work through another illustrator Yikchun because of a cool collab they did! Then we found out about this interesting label he started called CHEPOOKA  https://www.instagram.com/thischepooka/


About Dillion:
Born and raised in Singapore, Dillon grew up an avid collector and reader of comics, cartoons, and science fiction movies. As an illustrator, his work reflects  surrealists and sci-fi themes. 
Wanting to share his passion of illustration, Dillon founded This Chepooka, an art merchandise store in 2016. “Cheepoka” is a pseudo slang word for “nonsense” from the book, A Clockwork Orange. This Chepooka strives to be an outlet for artists to realize their visions, unhindered by commercial pressures and restrictions.

IAF2017 Poster by Erikatoon

We love Erika’s super intensive art! You can feel her passion for her work and be amazed by the crazy detailing she puts into every single one of them! Be sure to see her in person- stash of Erikatoon goodies available for collectors at the IAF Artists Market!

About Erikatoon:
Inspired by Asian sub-cultures, films, cartoons, Erika seeks to bring her audience into a surreal dream world where dreams and reality collide. Most of the time she allows the process of her works to evolve intuitively, not knowing what the end result will be.

See more of her work here: https://www.instagram.com/erikartoon

IAF Guest Speakers- Icinori ( France )

It was love at first sight when we saw the prints and artwork by Icinori 3 years ago at ELCAF 2015 , London. We are glad to announce that Mayumi and Rapael will be at our festival to present a talk about their practice and a book making workshop. There will be beautiful Icinori prints and books on sale too! Thanks to our friends at ELCAF for helping us to invite them to be part of our Illustration Arts Fest 2017 this year.

Icinori* ( France )  http://icinori.com/

Icinori, aka Mayumi Otero & Raphael Urwiller are a French duo whose collaborative efforts have seen them illustrate, design, print and publish works across a range of mediums. They have been commissioned by Le Monde, New York Times, Wired, Canal + and Wired among others. Their passion for design, image and form culminates in their publishing projects which has seen them produce over 30 books.

IAF2017 Poster by Ella Zheng

Ella is one of our fave young Singaporean illustrators with a strong design grounding! She happens to be the designer behind a series of plates that focuses on the theme of Singapore Architecture and many colourful Singapore heritage patterned souvenirs by your favourite gallery shop, Supermama too. Visit her stall at the Artist Market!

About Ella:
Ella Zheng is a Singaporean designer and illustrator who enjoys experimentation, craft, and the endless pursuit of self-improvement. Trained in both Fashion and Graphic Design, she hopes to be able to nurture Singaporean’s mindset towards Design.

See more of her work here: www.ellaisweird.com