IAF2017 Poster by Pok Pok & Away aka Lee Xin Li

This special poster feature one of our favourite and the very iconic 79 Circular Road shophouse which was designed by Ho Kwong Yew and used to house a coffeeshop with a super popular Bak Kut Teh stall. Mr Ho Kwong Yew was one of the leaders of the Modern Movement in Singapore’s architecture.

“Good Morning World

Life has its ups and downs, but in life’s journey, there are little moments such as these, discovering the architecture of a shophouse in the morning, a little break from work or the company of a friend. These moments kept us going.

This morning, we celebrate another new day.”

About Pok Pok & Away aka Lee Xin Li
Lee Xin Li is an independent illustrator based in Singapore. He graduated with an architecture degree from the National University of Singapore. Xin Li often draws his inspiration from the environment he grew up in such as the culture, food, architecture and history he has encountered. Some of the notable works include the Kueh series and Peta Singapura.

Xin Li is a big fan of Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin as well as Guy Delisle’s travel chronicles which motivated him into drawing in 2013. Besides illustration, he is an avid fan of the air force, loves travelling, tasting new flavors and appreciating art and architecture.

See more of his work: http://leexinli.com/

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IAF2017 Exclusive – Talk by various comic artists “Singapore Comics Beyond Charlie Chan”


Something that many of us artists are concerned about and need discussion! Sonny Liew was 1 of our guest speaker for IAF2016, he has won three Eisner Awards recently. But Singapore comics is more than just The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye. Let’s find out more from our artist friends active in the comic scene!

Moderated by Lim Cheng Tju, this panel engages up and coming comic artists, Dan Wong, Benjamin Chee, Derek Chua, Tanky, Shen Zo and Pixin to talk about their new works.

Happening next Saturday 12 Aug 2017 at LASALLE College of the Arts ( McNally Campus ), F201 (second floor) from 12pm to 1 pm.
FREE entry, FREE seating!! Come early and Chope fast!


About the panel:

Lim Cheng Tju – http://singaporecomix.blogspot.sg/
Comic critic and historian Lim Cheng Tju is one of the key member helping out in the programming for Illustration Arts Fest. He is currently the country editor (Singapore) of the International Journal of Comic Art. He co-founded the 24-hour Comics Day in Singapore, and co-edited Liquid City (Vol 2), an Image anthology of comics created by Southeast Asian artists. He writes comics sometimes too.

Dan Wong / A Good Citizen – http://www.agoodcitizenobeys.com/
Illustrator Dan Wong started the A Good Citizen Movement in late 2012. Since then, it has grown to comprise a community of like-minded creatives seeking to promote the values of Good Citizenship through a unique brand of art and humour. He was “decidedly not afraid to enter the controversial realms” of politics, religion, or gender issues. Many of the issues explored by the collective are global in nature, while speaking through local satire.

Benjamin Chee – http://charsiewspace.com/
likes drawing comics: it is often painful, but it helps organise his thoughts, and express them coherently. Following his adoration for food, he has self-published several books set in the Charsiew Space food-centric universe. He also has short comics collected in the anthologies Liquid City Vol. 3, LONTAR Issue #5, and Asian Monsters. Find him online at charsiewspace.com

Derek Chua – https://engcheedraws.carbonmade.com/
Derek Chua graduated from art school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Animation. Although he was formally trained in Animation, Comics remain his greatest passion and preferred medium in storytelling. Since young, he has always aspired to become a recognized comics artist.

Tanky – http://tanky.sg/
Kwang Yang (aka “Tanky”) is an illustrator and comic artist based in Singapore. An avid digital artist he is also the creator fronting Big Egg Comics.

Shen Zo – https://tapas.io/episode/499834 
Shen Zo is a freelance comic artist, designer and co-founder of publishing platform STORYZER.COM.

Weng Pixin – https://pixmadeobjects.com/
Pixin is an art-maker and registered art therapist born and raised in Singapore. Upon graduating with a first class honours in Painting, Fine Arts from the LASALLE College of the Arts in 2004, Pixin spend the next decade immersed in her personal craft practices, ran Doinky Doodles!, a studio which curated artworks handmade by local crafters and art-makers, as well as create short-form comics that were published in international comics and illustration magazines. She works in a wide range of medium: from painting, drawing, making comics to sewing and constructing using recycled and/or found objects. She is the organiser for all the Zine workshops with OICsingapore for 2017.

IAF2017 Poster by Duga ( Taiwan )

A meticulous artist and a serious “pencil pusher”, we were mind blown when we had a chance to see the fine pencil drawn characters in Duga’s sketch book afew years ago when we met in Taipei. Do check out his fine drawings at the Artists Market together with the team from Taiwan.

About DugaHook

Duga was born in Taiwan in 1987 and graduated from Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Digital Media Design.
His work is based on fantasy and the magical. Duga feels that he expresses ideas better by painting imagery instead of words to convey stories and moods. His creative partner/ sidekick is a cat named Tiger ( 虎克 in Chinese and that also sounds like HOOK. Hence the name “DUGA and HOOK” ). HOOK has since become more than just a studio buddy but has since become a part of the whimsical magical world of Duga ( & Hook ).

See more of his work here: https://www.facebook.com/DugaHook/

1987年生於台灣 畢業於雲林科技大學 數位媒體設計系
喜歡奇幻與魔幻的題材。 我不善言語表達, 所以選擇用畫畫來代替文字, 創作是一種對話的方式, 描繪著我想傳達的故事與心情。 創作夥伴是一隻名為虎克的貓 。 初期的創作內容多以奇幻為主題, 自從虎克的加入, 貓也就走進我創造的世界裡。

IAF Guest Speakers- Kristal Melson ( Singapore )

Did you know that “the girl from Katong” is a super awesome illustrator with crazy coloured hair? Kristal have been leading the charge for the current wave of “designed-trained” illustrators in Singapore since 2010.
You must come for her talk titled :

Talk 03 – “Blood Sweat and Unicorn Tears – A DIY guide to self taught illustrations”

Date: Sun 13th August 2017

Time: 2pm to 3pm

Venue: F202 , Lasalle / McNally Campus

Cost: $20/- per ticket  ( Special discounts available for students and the 4 Talks bundle – https://illustrationartsfest.org/tickets/index.php )

She will be sharing about her journey from being a salaried graphic designer to a successful full-time indie designer/ illustrator with a fantastic portfolio and highly enviable client list.


Kristal Melson ( Singapore ) http://www.kristalmelson.com/

Illustrator and visual artist Kristal, aka Krisonautopilot splits her time creating colourful images for music, fashion, publications & brands. Her recent collaborations include Baybeats, Facebook, Fred Perry and was selected as a “Red Dot Hero” for the campaign launching the first Apple Store in Singapore as well as Today  At Apple workshops. With her  illustrations attracting a range of commissions, her drawings, both traditional and digital are perfect for the internet age. Informed by her upbringing in Singapore and previous training in graphic design and illustration, Kristal’s style is bursting with experimental shape, pattern and composition, adding a computerised dimension to her tropical surroundings.

IAF2017 Poster by Yin Shian

Yin Shian is currently studying at SVA in NYC.

About Ng Yin Shian:
Shian is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Singapore. Her fascination with the universe and the pursuit of ‘beauty’ has led her down the strange path of being an artist. Her recent body of work sees her attempting to move out of her comfort zone by devising new methods of storytelling and pushing her technical limits. She spends the majority of her time overthinking her sketches. In her free time, she enjoys experimenting with printmaking and crafting small zines and books.

You can see more of her work here: http://cargocollective.com/shian



IAF2017 Poster by 25度 ( Taiwan )

Our friend Tina aka 25度 was at IAF2016 last year and gave a glowing report to her illustrator friends! This year she is back with a bigger team to join us at our festival! She will be participating too at our special portraits session with her paper cutting illustrations! Don’t miss it!

About 25度
Tina aka 25°C born in Taoyuan and now a freelance illustrator based in Taipei. She has discovered from a young age that 25 degree Celsius is the optimum temperature for drawing. An avid fan of animation and character design – she delights in trying to draw the soul of characters in their eyes.

See more of her works here: https://www.facebook.com/tina.illustrator/

25度 ( Tina )

IAF2017 Poster by Eeshaun Soh

Abstract, colourful and super fun  – you can see Eeshaun’s work brightening up many places in Singapore! The most delightful one must be “Move!” at the Bishan MRT station!


About Eeshaun:


Soh Ee Shaun (b. 1980) is an artist and illustrator from Singapore. Since 2005, he has created artworks and illustrations for Adidas, Nike, Lacoste, Disney, The Discovery Channel, Singapore Fashion Festival and Herman Miller, and has exhibited at ION Gallery, the Singapore Contemporary Art Show, iLight Marina Bay Singapore and the 2016 London Illustration Fair. Ee Shaun has been a National Arts Council-appointed visual art mentor for The NOISE Apprenticeship Program since 2009, and was a finalist for the 2011 Sovereign Asian Art Prize. He is represented by Mulan Gallery, Art Loft Asia and Illustrious World (UK).

See more of his works here: cargocollective.com/eeshaun

IAF2017 Poster by Shih Fen ( Taiwan )

One of our friends from the visiting Taiwan team who will be at the IAF Artists Market!

About Shih-Fen Lin:
Shih-Fen Lin was born in Taiwan. He loved painting and drawing while he was a little boy. Though he got his bachelor’s degree in medical school, he can’t forget his dream to be an artist. Therefore, he went to San Francisco and studied illustration in Academy of Art University. Now Shih-Fen Lin is a freelance illustrator in Taipei.

See more his work here : http://shihfenlin.daportfolio.com/ ( FB: Shih-Fen Illustration )

IAF2017 Poster by Ning Goh/ Ruffgaws

Ruffgaws was first featured in our zine event in 2016. We like the strange surreal characters and settings in her work.

About Ruffgaws:
Ruffgaws is an occasional illustrator of the odd and curious. Largely affected by her father’s death, she enjoys exploring morbid themes of death, disturbances and the defaced. She couples each illustration with a short poem or narrative. Look out for recurring elements in her drawings such as naked bodies wearing face masks and reflections in mirrors – these are her take on a society that 爱面子 (‘loves face’, also mean prideful). To her, illustrating is a personal process and every piece is part of something that has affected her enough to be made tangible. Her latest series delve into the topic unwanted babies and how animals are sometimes more human than we are.

See more here https://ruffgaws.wordpress.com/

IAF2017 Poster by Adeline Tan/ Mightyellow

Adeline paints amazing intricate flower-like creatures! How anyone can make so much art with so little time ( painstakingly by hand -no shortcuts! ) that alone is totally mindblowing, not taking into account how detailed and beautiful her art is!

There is a nice interview about her here – IAF2016- interview with Adeline Tan

About Adeline

Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and popular culture, her works are often a juxtaposition of elements pulled from personal experiences and past memories. Having worked in advertising, branding and tech before becoming a full-time illustrator, her clients include Facebook, Adidas, and Uniqlo. She is currently represented by Mulan Gallery, Singapore.

You can see more of her work here: http://www.mightyellow.com/     ( ig: @yell0w )